Application scenarios of Shelf Edge Display

Shelf Edge Display application scenarios: physical store shelves, product display areas. Multi-layer dynamic product posters attract customers' attention and arouse consumer desire; interesting screen interaction enhances the consumer experience and facilitates purchases. The customer recognizes the product label through the smart sensor, and the screen automatically switches to display the selling point of the product, such as the place of origin, composition, function, promotional activities, preferential combinations, etc., which are both active, interesting and information effective.

Coca-cola with shelf edge LCD display

Shelf Edge Display solves the pain points:
1. Loss of service leads to loss of customers. Through the interaction of product sensing and identification in the store, customers can check the products on their own and realize the purchase, avoiding the loss of customers due to limited shopping guides and inadequate services in the store;
2. The quality of shopping guides is uneven, leading to inadequate product demonstrations. Detailed and accurate product introduction avoids the risk of loss of customer orders due to insufficient training of shopping guides and unclear product explanations;
3. The cost of a special digital interactive experience is high, but Shelf Edge Display uses simple interactive actions to complete the digital experience, enhancing the customer's consumer experience with a cost-effective solution, and evoking more consumer desires.
real pictures of shelf edge LCD display
Features of Shelf Edge Display system:
1. Display product-specific information (show brand introduction, materials, model shows, prices, etc. in the form of videos and pictures) to enhance customers' shopping fun;
2. Let customers have a better experience, to understand product information by themselves, without the need for shopping guides to follow;
3. Expansion of products. Traditional stores think that the area is limited and cannot display all the products. Smart shelves (cloud shelves) provide a virtual display space, which can expand and display unlimited products.
4. Improve work efficiency, complete shopping guide work with technology products instead, and product information is clear at a glance;
5. Comply with the development trend of new retail and build an intelligent shop environment of people, goods, and markets.

The most important thing is that it can also enhance the image of the store and display the company's brand. Every video picture on Shelf Edge Display can be displayed with a brand LOGO. More exposure can be of great benefit to the company and brand awareness.

With the development of the media industry, many advertisers have also put their sights on Shelf Edge Display. According to the Shelf Edge Displays corresponding to different product areas in the supermarket, they can place advertisements for related similar products, which can realize the accurate delivery of advertisements to relevant people and achieve precision Marketing.

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